The following document will serve as a fundamental document that will allow us to know your expectations regarding the rebranding project. All information contained in the brief is covered by confidentiality clause and will be used only for the purposes of preparing the draft offer for the project. If some questions seem unnecessary to you, they may be omitted.

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  • Basic Information About the Company

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    • Branding Project Information

    • For a new brand: What is the company's business goal, i.e. what prompted you to create a new brand (e.g. diversification of revenue sources, different positioning of the new brand towards the parent brand, the need to replace the old brand with a new one, etc.)?
    • For existing Brands: What is the business goal of the project, i.e. what prompted you to rebrand the brand (such as: changing the positioning of the brand [e.g. raising prestige], bad associations with the old brand, changing the assortment or range of the company's activities, refreshing and ordering visual identification, etc.)?
    • Core Target Audience:
    • Who are the people that are your most important customers?
    • What other customers types are also important to consider?
    • Key Demographics to consider:
    • Rebranding

    • What do you currently feel are important elements about the existing brand?
    • Is there any existing customer insights regarding the existing brand?
      • The brand is seen as not very dynamic with a narrow specialization; we want to change its perception / market position.
      • There is a serious image problem which forces us to strongly communicate change or even detachment from the previous image of the brand / company.
      • The brand image was designed quite a long time ago, in the opinion of our recipients it is already outdated, not keeping pace with the image changes of other competitors in the industry.
      • Our current brand is received quite well. We aim to simply enhance this with modest changes that will enable our brand to remain current.
    • Please describe the final image of the newly created or refreshed brand. In other words: what do you want your potential customers to think about the brand after the end of the project?
      • We want to cut off from the past image, a new image is our chance for a "new approach" in dealing with clients.
      • We want to catch up and even overtake the image of other companies in the industry that, by refreshing their image recently, have started to overtake us at the level of marketing perception.
      • We want to consolidate the position as the industry leader, show that experience and stability do not exclude change, on the contrary - that we are still keeping our finger on the pulse and we do not have to change that much to be at the forefront.
    • Positioning

      • professionalism, experience, tradition
      • modernity, creativity, professionalism
      • courage, good fun, entertainment
    • Brand Naming

      • change in brand positioning [e.g. increasing prestige],
      • bad associations with the old name,
      • change of the assortment or range of activities of the company to one which is badly described by the current name,
      • rebranding related to the takeover by another company
      • combined with a phased modification of the name.
      • nothing meaningful, a well-sounding word that we will give meaning to at a later stage of branding (e.g. NIPO, ENEA)
      • word formation, i.e. creating a new word or cluster of English words based on the company's vocabulary (e.g. BIOTON, ComArch, NETIA, Targetics),
      • word abstract or unrelated to the industry, but with good associations (e.g. ORANGE, IDEA, PLUS, Apple),
      • substantive word, clearly associated with the industry (e.g. CLEAN & CARBON ENERGY)
      • Acronym (e.g. IBM)
      • Word or word-formation derived from a language other than English (e.g. Veturilo, Géant)

    • If you can describe in one sentence - an idea, the main distinguishing feature of the brand, please describe it.
    • Guidelines on Project Graphics

    • Additional information:
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      Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, svg, png, jpeg, gif, pdf, txt, Max. file size: 256 MB, Max. files: 10.
      • Other:
        • the logo should have one additional leading color (important, e.g. when refreshing the logotype, when we change the shape, but e.g. we leave one,
        • specific color of the existing brand identification),
        • typographic only (inscription only, without signet),
        • whether the new visual identification should retain some specific graphic detail (or key visuals) referring to the idea of ​​the existing brand, for any reason, it cannot use the graphic elements indicated, e.g. the brand definitely wants to move away from the previous image, therefore we must completely omit the X element when creating a new identification.
      • Cohesion

        • Example 1: the logo must refer to a coherent graphic line of other entities within the capital group
        • Example 2: the identification must refer to / include a graphic element that has always been associated with a brand or a group of brands (example: SWAROVSKI - swan)
        • Example 3: the introduced product is a new offer included in the set of a broader line of similar products, its visual identification must therefore duplicate the X element characteristic of the entire product line.
      • Scope and Budget

        In how many variants should the logo be presented, in how many final versions,
        and whether to design full visual identification at each stage?
      • If the exact scope of work is known, please provide it here for a quote:
      • when the implementation budget is strict, please provide the assumed branding / rebranding budget, and then we will offer a range of services within the declared amount:
      • DD slash MM slash YYYY
      • Comments

      • An example of indicating good, already existing companies or brands whose style, name, quality or market positioning may be a guide for us.
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