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Web Design and Development Service

Why choose VIMAR Web Design and Development?

VIMAR delivers creative, vibrant websites that give your business the focus it needs online. More and more potential customers are engaging online with companies, with online brand credibility increasingly becoming a factor.

Web Design relates to the aesthetic and functional aspects to the website with a focus on branding and content, while the development process is focused on implementing the design process through building the site and all its functions.

All our websites are well formatted, mobile optimised, secure, effective and reliable.

Your website needs to do the work it’s capable of, by both reaching and encouraging customer interactions. Website development needs to put the user experience at the heart of its design. Visual aesthetics needs to be partnered with your website functionality to give a quality branded experience for your customer.

We focus on delivering quality.

Whether you are looking to re-design your site or build an entirely new design, the VIMAR team focus on getting you the best website possible, implementing well-informed digital campaigns.

What to consider when planning a website?

Firstly, you should start with a comprehensive plan for your website.

Firstly, you should start with a comprehensive plan for your website. Web designers have considerable experience with understanding how to plan a useful website. Considerations must be made regarding the user experience, planning out how users will engage with your website. Navigation between site pages needs to be clear for users, with a specific focus on achieving user path objectives.

Pointing users toward content and promotional material specific to their needs should be of focus. This will increase the user experience and lead to better lead conversion. Objectives for a website may differ from business to business; however, the need to plan accordingly is essential. If your company would benefit from website functions such as e-commerce, maps, user profiles or online sales assistance, then planning these tasks into the overall design is a necessity.

Some top tips to consider when designing/redesigning a website

  • Build a consistent offering that is matched to your brand identity.
  • Create content that is original and relevant for your users
  • Encourage users to scroll through landing/home page
  • Find all errors and don’t leave anything broken
  • Guide users with clear navigation routes
  • Include social media share and follow buttons
  • Mobile friendly is a necessity
  • Your Domain must be relevant
  • Update the aesthetics of the site periodically
  • Remove generic imagery and ambiguous terminology
  • An SEO strategy is essential for greater exposure
  • Test the website, then test again
  • Use colour and lack of colour appropriately
  • Use content specific to your target audience
  • Use several calls-to-action throughout
  • Choose an appropriate hosting plan
  • Make security of users’ information a priority
  • Use up to date plugins and features on the website
  • Optimise file sizes to create a faster loading site
  • Use professional website management services where appropriate

Choosing a Web Designer and Web Developer for your business projects.

It is so important to select a design team that understands your business vision.

Picking the cheapest offering and a basic design can end up costing your business customer leads and give your competitors an advantage; they don’t need to have. Our design and development professionals can create a unique website that fits your brand identity. Our SME clients have increased their digital marketing engagement with customers through their well-performing website. Management of your website will ensure to fix arising errors quickly and that the site is performing at its best. Depending on the complexity of the website, it will either be a custom developed site or it can be based on the best performing contemporary templates.

Review our website portfolio and client testimonies.

Our team is primarily based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois and typically create and manage websites using WordPress. We always apply professional industry standards to all sites we design. We can train you to self-manage your website content or can handle every request you make on a monthly management package. We can cater for a diverse range of Web development projects, with experience dealing with a different set of clients.  We work to a pre-agreed project plan and keep you informed throughout the process.

Web Design Portfolio

VIMAR aims to build long lasting business partnerships.

If you’re looking to redevelop your website or even starting fresh, don’t hesitate to share your vision with our team.
Our digital marketing team are flexible and always aim to build a package to suit your needs.

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