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Photography is more important than ever for communicating your business activity with your customers. Although amateur photography is becoming more popular for day to day business communication, there are times when a professional photographer is needed. Our team are business focused photographers that understand marketing and more importantly, how to take the most appropriate photographs. Let our team be there to document your important events, capture team shots or to help launch your latest products. We ensure that you have the rights to use the images for all marketing material and retain control of the media.

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Photography Service for Businesses in Ireland

Good brand photography should act as a visual shorthand for your business. Every image associated with your business should communicate to clients and the general public, your core business message. Our team travels to businesses to capture this photography and can also provide video footage

Business photography images should generally denote:

– A business’s corporate ethos

– A business’s market position

– Convey the emotion a business wants to communicate

– Be interesting and engaging to the target customer

We will agree on a suitable timetable for taking the images, taking into account your day to day operation. The least amount of disruption caused the better. High-resolution and web-optimised versions of all images will be provided for you to use for a pre-agreed purpose, i.e. website, marketing material or social media etc. This will be determined in the commercial brief, agreed in advance. As a Laois headquartered business, our team is available to travel where required.

Business Photography

Your brand is far more than just your logo, it’s everything you do and say coupled with how you make your customers feel. Wouldn’t it be great if you could say this with a series of powerful images? There is no limit to what we can photograph but typically, it would be shots of you, your team, both headshots and shots in the workplace, creating product photos or images documenting the services you provide. It could be an office space, a manufacturing shop floor or a retail outlet perhaps. Whatever your work environment, good quality and creative images showing either you or your staff at work will help show any potential clients a glimpse into the process. We typically organise a date and time to visit your location and capture all shots as documented in the brief. Please get in touch to find out more about business brand photography packages.

Ecommerce Photography

Selling online is becoming more and more important for businesses throughout Ireland. Having impressive imagery for your products can be the differentiation for customers choosing your business over your competitors. Customers need to see high-quality, web-optimized imagery of your products. There are various styles of product photography that can be adopted, but typically its clear, neutral backgrounds, from various angles that will suffice for e-commerce stores. It could be Headshots, Product Photography, Interior and Exterior, Food Photography, Architectural and many more. Whatever your particular needs, please get in touch and let’s see what we can create for you.

Product Photography

One of the key advantages to having professional images taken is that, put simply, photographs help improve sales for your business. Although many retailers choose to use images taken on their phones, this is not a good substitute for professional images taken by an experienced photographer who understands light and composition. We can also create product images that mirror your brand and reflect what your own business identity is.

Corporate Headshots

Probably the first image that springs to mind as a commercial client is the need to have a professional headshot for all the staff members. Headshots can be taken in a variety of styles that suit your business identity. Nowadays we need our clients to see an authentic style image that reflects our personality. They don’t need to all look like a passport photo and can be often lighter in nature. Tell us what you feel is appropriate or what you feel your clients expect from your business. We can shoot to your requirements.We advise employers to let their team know in advance so everyone has time to be prepared and to look their best. We remind people to not worry about any minor flaws like spots, cold sores, or stray hairs as we can remove these in post-production. We have great packages available for multiple headshots and team shots. Call us or email us for more information.

Personal Brand Photography

Leading a company or business is an important role. Capturing photographs that display your character are crucial when trying to spread awareness of your business. This package is typically for small business owners or sole traders looking to improve the corporate identity of their business. Our aim is to put you firmly front and centre as the face of your business by providing you with a series of images that proudly tell the world not only who you are, but what you do, and how you do it. Whether that’s you as the business owner or your staff who your clients may engage with, let us create those personal lifestyle images that really speak to your client base.

We can work with you over a predetermined period of time creating a series of images that you can use not only for your website but for social media and business marketing too. If you’d like to find out more then please get in touch.

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