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If you are in Business, you have what we call a Brand. If your business was a person, your brand would be its look and personality. Getting your brand exposure would be like introducing yourself to new people and trying to build a new relationship. Your brand has a constantly evolving identity… and it’s your job to help it grow and improve. Unfortunately, many small business owners neglect this responsibility and lose the opportunity to scale their business. We produce designs that inspire people to interpret, interact and engage with your business. Let our team develop or complement your brand with an affordable, reliable graphic design service.

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Let us do the Technical Creative Work

Delivering a vivid brand impression through targeted promotion campaigns fuels long-term success for your marketing. Each customer touchpoint of your business creates a key opportunity to communicate with your audience. Utilising effective Branding Management allows you to make the most of your business opportunities. Successful branding enables successful differentiation from competitor offerings.

How do we get the right graphic designs for your business?

We are good listeners and talk with you to deeper understand your business. To effectively design your brand image, we need to understand your motivations and learn as much as we can about your target audience. We do competitor research and examine the trends within your industry.

It’s a Collaboration and a Process – We work with you to explore what your brand stands for, or needs to stand for, to remain relevant to your core target audience. The design process typically involves several rounds of revisions and adjustments. Through communication and hard work, we can collaborate together to craft the perfect identity that fits the brand vision.


New Business Branding and Logo Creation

We know what your business needs to achieve with a brand. Our design and marketing professionals will help craft a new brand or indeed a rebrand for your business. We have a range of branding packages to suit a variety of business sizes. From lean startups to corporate rebrands, we can cater for every business requirement.

Branding for business should also be considered as a constantly evolving process, which needs to be effectively managed. Our Brand Management process involves understanding your Brand through Research, Design and Development, Brand Promotion and Re-evaluation.

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Brand Research and Positioning

Design of your business brand starts with the process of understanding and defining the main characteristics of your brand identity. What are the essential elements of your business that you want your customers to identify with? Our marketing team can help you examine your offering and develop creative ideas that will influence your Brand Design.

It helps to identify your company core values, key service elements and corporate mission as these will help communicate your unique identity in the marketplace. Does your business have a specialisation that your target audience will connect with? Considerations must be made while examining competitor offerings. Competitor analysis is a crucial element within the research and positioning stage.

Brand Positioning strategies aim to communicate your unique value proposition, differing from your closest competitors. This needs to be taken into account at the design stage. As a digital marketing agency, our graphic designers are also supported by advertising and web specialists who can advise on promotional strategies. Creating awareness regarding your offering is crucial. Does your brand focus on quality, price or customer service as its main feature? Why do customers want to choose your service/products? Our team uses this explorative process to define branding elements that enable the design and development process to be meaningful and communicate a unique brand vision.

Branding Design and Graphic Development

Our artistic design team develops a visual representation and communication strategy that relates to your Brand Identity. What makes a good design for your Brand? Our industry knowledge suggests that these general guidelines are worth considering.

Guidelines for Branding Design and Development

Consistency – Communicate a consistent message to your audience.

Clarity – Be clear what your Branding proposition communicates.

Business Logo – Keep it Simple, Appropriate and Memorable.

Visuals – Use of a defined colour suite and imagery enables better recognition.

Standards – Create templates and marketing guidelines across each platform.

Reliability – Build trust and loyalty with brand adopters whenever possible.

Tagline – Have an apt phrase communicating brand identity to accompany marketing material.

Many of the crucial elements of branding are naturally incorporated into your business operating culture. If you desire to communicate a brand of quality customer service, this needs to be a feature promoted within the organisation. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we offer packages combining the skills of various professionals. Professionally created content such as imagery, typography, written content, video and web layouts can all be included in our Brand Development package.

New Logo Design

Your logo and colour palette embody the creative depiction of your brand. These resources are important parts of your branding as they tap into various elements of your marketing strategy. Creating a unique logo and attractive colour scheme takes significant development and can also evolve over time as your business grows. Keeping a logo fresh and relevant is important when growing your customer base over time. Even your colour pairings are a huge identifier for brand awareness.

When designed properly using experienced designers, they can help you attract and convert customers. This is also true of your packaging design and appearance. Product packaging is often the major form of brand differentiation in a crowded market place. Our logo creation packages can involve several rounds of revisions and can cater for many business price points. From basic to advanced, if you are looking for a logo, just reach out and let us know your requirements.

Choosing Typography and Associated Imagery/Graphics

Typography and Graphics are essential elements for the aesthetic feel of your brand. Fonts and text-based imagery need to be co-ordinated. All these should be outlined in a brand guidebook, summarising usage. Design consistency across printed and digital platforms is also hugely important. For example, your letterhead design shouldn’t be drastically different to your social media channels.

Content should be well organised as it is often the majority of interaction that customers have with your business. This is especially important with photography. Start by getting some professional photos of your location, team and products. There is a place for using premium stock imagery but over-relying on simple stock footage is a sure way of losing your unique identity that you’ve worked hard to create.



VIMAR aims to build long lasting business partnerships.

If you’re looking to redevelop your website or even starting fresh, don’t hesitate to share your vision with our team.
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