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As a Full Circle Marketing Agency, we provide a complete digital marketing service for your business.

Our Team have a diverse set of experiences that come together to provide a comprehensive offering for your business. We thrive on the challenge of bringing your business marketing success. Generating long term growth for your business requires a holistic view of your marketing offering.

Our services are strategically designed to give your business a professional digital marketing presence. A full circle approach ensures that you build a marketing plan focused on results.

digital marketing services

Web Design and Development

VIMAR delivers creative, vibrant websites that give your business the focus it needs online.

All our websites are well formatted, mobile optimised, secure, effective and reliable. We focus on delivering quality. Your website needs to do the work its capable of by both reaching and encouraging customer interactions. If you’re looking to redevelop your website or even starting fresh, don’t hesitate to share your vision with our team. Our digital marketing team are flexible and always aim to build a package to suit your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a major marketing tool that delivers measurable results time and time again.

SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy that helps your business achieve not only a higher search engine rankings but also creates a better customer user experience. A quality SEO service will ensure that more qualified potential customers arrive at your website with a better rate of customer conversions. We offer a range of both local and national SEO packages. Our team have the experience needed to get you results.

Social Media Development

Social Media Management is bigger than just posting an update on your business social media profile.

It is vital to engage with your customers across all relevant social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Our Digital Marketing Team partner with you to deliver focused, targeted content that will increase your business reach and visibility. Our team can also manage your advertising budget across these platforms to give you the best chance at delivering a healthy ROI. Partnering with VIMAR will allow you focus on your core business competencies.

Online Advertising

Our Online Advertising packages are strategically focused on delivering your business measurable results using platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.

Our team can offer professional advice and manage the whole process for your business from scratch.  Although at VIMAR Digital Marketing, using organic methods of generating traffic to your website should be the primary focus of most digital strategies, there is certainly a place for paid search advertising to be included in your marketing strategy. Professional management of your advertising budget ensures that your campaign gets the focus it requires.

Quality Media-specific Content should communicate your business story, while creating engagement with your audience.

Content needs to be carefully crafted with specific aims such as improving your brand awareness, generating quality business leads or converting traffic to sales. Your business brand requires a constant cycle of producing content, with the purpose of that builds relationships with your customers. Content can be in a variety of formats, across multiple digital and print platforms. Our Content Production Team will develop your strategy, and execute its delivery using professionally written copy text, graphic design illustrations, commercial photography, and videography services.

Brand Development

Branding essentially means your Business Identity.

Brand Management is an essential service that shapes that Identity to generate long term value. The VIMAR Team professionally shapes your Brand Identity creating increased customer engagement.  We explore your Brand Vision enabling strategic targeted campaigns to ensure clear brand perception.   Delivering a vivid brand impression through targeted promotion campaigns fuels long-term brand success.  Each customer touchpoint with your brand creates a key opportunity to communicate with your audience.  Utilising effective Brand Management allows you to make the most of your business opportunities.  Successful Branding enables successful differentiation from competitor offerings.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new brand or alter your existing brand, we are excited to hear from you.

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