Are you thinking of running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign for your business? Get the fundamentals correct from the start…

Why is PPC so important for marketing my business?

Online Paid Advertising is rapidly becoming one of the largest areas of marketing budget spending.  PPC campaigns can be a very effective model, as it can be adapted to suit your budget and has the benefit of being accurately measured.  Although using organic methods of generating traffic to your website should be the primary focus of your digital strategy, there is certainly a place for paid search advertising to be included in your marketing strategy. The most common form is known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where your business gets charged when someone is directed to your website by actively clicking on the ad.

When you compliment your quality-focused website with a comprehensive paid advertising budget, your business has the ability to drive more traffic, have wider brand appeal and complete more sales.

We’ve drawn up some basic guidelines for you to consider before investing in online paid advertising.

Develop a Strong Keyword Strategy

Start out by researching possible terms that your target customers are searching for. There are various Keyword planner tools available online that gives you an insight into the performance of particular keywords. You should identify a wide range of broadly relevant and specific terms that generate search volume data. It’s best to pick a selection of good quality keywords rather than a huge quantity that may be too broad to get quality advertising reach. Building a small selection of keywords and monitoring their performance gives you the best chance at converting traffic at a steady pace while adding new keywords as appropriate. Professional management of this process will save you both time and resources.

Set a Realistic Budget

Each business needs to set a budget and manage it wisely. It is very important to cap the amount you would like to spend daily/monthly on your campaign. The benefit of your advertising will depend greatly on the quality of business leads created and the monetary value of each lead. If your strategy is having success and your conversion strategy is yielding positive results, begin to slowly increase your budget and build on successful elements. Too small a budget will not allow you to make a significant market impact while also too large a budget may encourage you to be inefficient with your campaign. Use expert advice to get insight and determine the level of investment that would bring your desired results from the campaign.

Ad Optimisation

Text for your ads in a PPC form is crucial. You have a limited number of characters, so make a good impression. Convincing customers to click your ad is what it’s all about. Make a highly targeted focus for your text that is persuasive, engaging and relevant to your customers. Choose a relevant title for the advertisement. Use several relevant keywords that describe your offering. Make a Unique Selling Point claim that makes your business stand out from the competitors. This needs to be appealing and specific to the customer group while being highly persuasive. Also aim to make a call to action that encourages the customer to either click the ad, send an email or call. This will encourage action from the potential customer and get you results rather than just awareness. Make sure you monitor the performance of each of your advertisements and optimise each campaign regularly to generate the best results with your chosen copy.  Using a professional copywriting service may be of value at this stage.

Displaying the Ad

Although general display advertising across the internet serves a certain purpose, getting the right people to see your ads is so important. Displaying strategies are central to a successful advertisement strategy. Reaching internet users that may have a considerable interest in your offering is crucial to an effective campaign. Targeting techniques are what’s needed to give you the best chance of being successful. I’ll briefly outline three important targeting options to consider; Contextual Targeting, Placement Targeting, and Retargeting.

If your looking for professional development and management of a PPC campaign for your business, contact the VIMAR Digital Marketing team to learn how we can help.  Lots more information about Online Advertising Service is available on our new website.