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Search Engine Optimisation Service

Why does my business website need SEO service?

At VIMAR, we are passionate about the need for a good Search Engine Optimisation strategy. Your website ranking is influenced by a significant number of factors that require professional adjustment and monitoring. Research shows that customers using search engines rarely go beyond first page results when looking for products, information or services.

Search Engine Optimisation aims to use techniques and strategies to increase and maintain your listing result on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). A professional SEO service should be the foundation of every digital marketing strategy, as it promotes a highly optimised online presence for your business. Our team ensures your website is optimised using professional guidelines and industry best practices.

How does SEO work?

It’s vital that you have a good understanding of what’s involved in an SEO service.

This knowledge will help you significantly when dealing with your dedicated VIMAR professional SEO consultant. Search engines such as Google or Bing use complex algorithms to scan the layout and content on your site and other sites that link to your site. These website analyses are performed to ensure that Search Engines give every user the most relevant results to their search query.

Search Engine’s use software called bot’s to regularly scan content on websites, which then index the results.

When an individual then makes a query, keywords associated with that query are retrieved from the indexed results and sorted in to result in rankings. Your website needs to be optimised to ensure that your content gets indexed by search engines while including a high number of relevant keywords. Your marketing content needs to be optimised to provide you are ranking well to all your potential customer’s search terms.

What will my Search Engine Optimisation consultant do?

At VIMAR, we are experienced SEO professionals, and we apply industry best practice techniques to your digital marketing project.

Your SEO consultant will work to achieve goals determined within your digital marketing plan.

Depending on the requirements outlined, SEO usually requires both onsite and offsite optimisation. This means that changes will need to be made to your website (onsite) combined with various backlinks (offsite) pointing to your website.

Our team will ensure that your content is original and not plagiarised from other sources.

Best practice SEO techniques are applied to make sure Search Engines don’t flag your website and penalise your listing. Websites will be optimised to reduce speed slowing content. Customer interaction with your site is a priority. 

Quality content on your website will encourage customer interaction with your brand.

Experienced research by your consultant will increase the accuracy of your keywords. Keywords are what search engines use to drive relevant traffic towards your site. Content should be written with keywords in mind and not just stuffed in at a later point. Having relevant titles and tags are all relevant but not enough anymore to land you a good search engine listing. 

Our team makes sure your website users are encouraged to share and come back to your site again.

Search engines show authoritative sites that are popular with viewers. If your website needs to rank well, a professional SEO consultant will know what is best to do and more importantly, how best to complete the task.

Getting a free SEO website evaluation is simple.

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We will then send you a free SEO audit marketing report with clear recommendations.

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