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What to consider when planning a new website?

You should start with a comprehensive plan for your website.

Our web design services team have considerable experience with understanding how to plan a useful website. Considerations must be made regarding the user experience, planning out how users will engage with your website. Navigation between site pages needs to be clear for users, with a specific focus on achieving user path objectives.

Pointing users toward content and promotional material specific to their needs should be of focus. This will increase the user experience and lead to better lead conversion. Objectives for a functional website may differ from business to business; however, the need to plan accordingly is essential. If your company would benefit from website functions such as e-commerce, maps, user profiles, images, contact or online sales assistance, then planning these tasks into the overall design is a necessity.


There are a few preliminary measures that we need to follow in order to guarantee your new website’s successful realisation before we open a code editor and begin constructing it. In other words, we need to have a clear idea of the path we need to take in order to go toward our ultimate goal. We first do a thorough investigation of our client’s business, focusing on the individual factors that led to the decision to construct a new website and examining high-level objectives & expectations. We want to establish a relationship with you and your team so that we can start working together on the same page.

To get things going, we ask the client to complete our personalised questionnaire, which is followed by a 30-minute online brainstorming session. This will provide us with the crucial information we need to comprehend what makes your online business special and how it functions. Additionally, we can find out more about your target market and consumer base. These encounters provide us reassurance that we share the client’s vision. A rough schedule and project plan can be created.


We use a tried-and-true technique as a web design business in Ireland to ensure that each and every stage is carefully followed. We can now go on to the research stage of our process based on the feedback we gained from our initial contacts, putting your website one step closer to being ready for the world.

We undertake in-depth research on your industry, rivals, and audience to create corresponding profiles from which we can extract important information and provide us a clearer view of the crucial details that will guarantee that your company objectives are accomplished. This could involve researching the kinds of materials your target market expects to find when learning about your services or creating calls to action that encourage them to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

Strategy & Planning


Our primary project aims are to provide a solution that will help you achieve your company objectives, and we make sure that your website strategy complements the suggested structure, content, and features of the website.

During strategy, we pinpoint possibilities and difficulties and offer suggestions. We make an effort to draw attention to and concentrate on the business’s most important issues. Our strategy process is based on the straightforward tenet that we should focus 80% of our efforts on the top 20% of business concerns. In a 30-minute online planning session, we discuss ideas and compile a strategy deck that will serve as the framework for building the website.


We compile our strategic findings and develop a blueprint for your website during the project’s planning phase. We create a sitemap, which displays the page hierarchy of the website in a visual manner, to gain a general idea of the planned website layout. Wireframing is the subsequent step, which is based on the sitemap. Wireframes are used to illustrate the fundamental layout of all key page layouts on your website. Wireframes are an excellent approach to make sure that important information is conveyed and that the page is not cluttered with unnecessary details.

With these schematics in hand, our web design company may move forward with creating mockups of your new website.


Mockup Designs

Time to put all of our planning and brainstorming into action! Here, the effort begins to bear fruit. Our web designers in Portlaoise begin by reviewing your brand guidelines and choosing colours and fonts to develop mockups of the pages on your website. While some of our clients are asking for guidance on how to effectively define or rethink their brands, others have rigid brand requirements.

To build a simple, conversion-optimised user experience that is sure to inspire your visitors to engage, we select the most motivating combinations of typography, videos, photos, and other graphic components. Up until the final design of your website, we actively share ideas while presenting each mockup for inspection and input.


Either your team or our skilled content writers handle the material for your website, depending on our agreement. In order to have the most impact, we first decide what material is relevant and important for your website. As people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, it is crucial to develop compelling and easy-to-read material for your website in order to draw in new customers. Along with making a page appealing to people, we also need to consider search engine bots and overall search engine optimization.

Our objective is to synthesize all of our prior learning about your company, your objectives, and your visitors to create a message that connects with and converts.


Coding & Theme Development

Once the mockups have been examined and approved, we can get to work on implementing your new website design. Our web designers and developers are proficient in a wide range of web development languages, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, which are essential elements of today’s websites.

The back end content management system (CMS) must be developed and optimised at this phase to meet the unique requirements of your company. In other words, we collaborate with you to make sure the CMS is configured to give you the flexibility you require to continuously manage your website. To examine the design while it is being created, you will be given a live connection to your website on our staging server.

Mobile Optimisation

The need to offer these visitors an engaging user experience grows more and more important as more and more people purchase online and use mobile devices to browse the internet. Since a fully responsive design is non-negotiable, Aspire Media, a full-service web design business with offices in Dublin, follows each page development with a mobile optimization procedure. For each gadget, this entails optimising each component and interaction.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our Search Engine Optimisation staff will be highly involved from the very beginning of the creation process, offering tips on keyword research to make sure your material is properly optimised to get your business found on search engines. Don’t worry if you are unsure of the language your target audience uses. Before making any optimizations, we will present to you our findings.


Site Migration

To avoid upsetting search engines or current customers, we must make sure to keep and update key parts of any new hosting or upgraded site. This could involve implementing SSL to please online customers, performing 301 redirects from the previous site, or uploading a new sitemap to Google Search Console. We go through our post-launch checklist to make sure that these concerns are taken care of before we make your website public.

CMS Training

We don’t just desert you when we turn the website over to your team. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the finished product and confident in your ability to use it. We’ll invite you to a CMS training online at the conclusion of our journey, lead you through the backend, demonstrate how to manage content, carry out fundamental SEO, and update menus, forms, pages, and more. You’re now prepared to attract new leads and advertise your services online with your new website!

Choosing a Web Designer and Web Developer for your business projects.

It is so important to select a design team that understands your business vision.

Picking the cheapest offering and a basic design can end up costing your business customer leads and give your competitors an advantage; they don’t need to have. Our design and development professionals can create a unique website that fits your brand identity. Our SME clients have increased their digital marketing engagement with customers through their well-performing website. Management of your website will ensure to fix arising errors quickly and that the site is performing at its best. Depending on the complexity of the website, it will either be a custom developed site or it can be based on the best performing contemporary templates.

Review our website portfolio and client testimonies.

Our team is primarily based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois and typically create and manage websites using WordPress. We always apply professional industry standards to all sites we design. We can train you to self-manage your website content or can handle every request you make on a monthly management package. We can cater for a diverse range of Web development projects, with experience dealing with a different set of clients.  We work to a pre-agreed project plan and keep you informed throughout the process.

Top Tips

Some top tips to consider when designing/redesigning a website

  • Build a consistent offering that is matched to your brand identity.
  • Creating websites content that is original and relevant for your customers
  • Encourage users to scroll through landing/home page
  • Find all errors in your website and don’t leave anything broken
  • Guide visitors with clear navigation routes
  • Include social media share and follow buttons
  • Mobile friendly is a necessity
  • Your Domain must be relevant
  • Update the aesthetics of the website periodically
  • Remove generic imagery and ambiguous terminology

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