Professional Video Production can make your business and brand stand out. If you’re looking to transform your business through the power of video marketing, then you’ve come to the right place.

VIMAR Digital Marketing is a professional marketing agency helping to transform businesses through the power of proffesional video production throughout Ireland. We have a proven track record of creating professional video marketing content for our clients that helps accelerate their brand growth.

Businesses and brands, more than ever, need a video marketing strategy. This idea isn’t new. What has changed is how much more important video has become since the rise in popularity of social media. Anytime you open your phone and go on social media, you’re viewing marketing content.

Forward thinking businesses across Ireland and the world have already successfully implemented video production into their marketing strategy.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing

There are so many benefits of video marketing. A picture paints a thousand words, so how many words does a video paint?

Since the introduction of the television into society, forward thinking companies have used the power of video marketing to convey a message, to promote, and to market a product or service.

Today, businesses are using video marketing on digital channels such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc to grow their business.

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Video Production Services in Ireland

High-quality video production allows you to engage with customers while building brand recognition. Whether you’re looking for a commercial promotional video, event video coverage or social media video content, our VIMAR production team can provide customised video solutions.

We work with you to understand your needs and then we take care of the entire production process. We can plan, write, produce and edit the video, providing you with a complete videography service.

Our marketing team can then professionally guide you through the process of promoting your media across various marketing channels.

Video Production Services include;

  • Corporate Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Videography
  • Product Demonstration
  • Service Demonstration
  • Commercial Event
  • Motion Graphics/Animated
  • Aerial Videography
  • Custom Video Solutions

Do you have a custom video request? Contact us for a free consultation and let us know what you have in mind. Our video production team is more than happy to help with any custom requests.

Video Production Services Ireland

Types of Video Production Services

For every type of video – from the micro to the massive – VIMAR offer a full-service video production campaign that can cover every type and format of video possible.

With a proffesional content creation team, and years of experience, VIMAR can produce the highest quality videos for your organisation. All of our productions are bespoke. We adjust the tone, style and budget of the video to suit your needs. Our versatility, passion and diligence shines through our work.

Watch any of our previous video production work for proof!

Brand Video

Use a video to tell your brands story, increase sales, raise awareness, break into new markets and even reposition your company.

Corporate Video

The best, most cost-effective, way to showcase your organisation and its history, activities, location and team.

Event Video

From capturing entire events to producing edited highlights for use as promotional material to monetisation opportunities.

Live Streaming

Bring your brand to a hugely expanded international market with multi-camera footage captured in real time in stunning HD.

Promo Video

Raise awareness of a new product, service, issue or area with promotional videos that highlight the benefits of your offering.

Training Video

A dynamic way to deliver training materials to your teams, video training is proven to have the highest impact and retention.

Information Video

These detailed videos focus on one specific topic to convey information in an engaging way that raises awareness.

TV Adverts

From graphics-only to full-scale live action video, we deliver creative, flexible and affordable production capabilities for TV.

Internal Communications Video

Use internal videos for training, to improve engagement, connect teams at different locations and broadcast information.

Viral Video

Videos that amuse and entertain, or even shock and provoke; giving your brand the potential to become an overnight success.

Time Lapse Video

Create high-impact video using time-lapse techniques to capture an event, scene, location or project in cinematic style.

TV Programming

We identify and create opportunities to co-sponsor programmes that involve your brand, as well as other television tie-ins.

Production Services

For all types of incoming productions to Ireland we can provide crew, locations, equipment and all the support that will guarantee you a hassle-free and successful production.

VIMAR Video Production Examples


Alpha Wireless

Midlands Park Hotel


Climate Action Abbeyleix


VIMAR Digital Marketing

VIMAR provide a full circle digital marketing package and can meet all your Content Production needs.

Commercial Video Production is becoming increasingly popular for businesses when communicating it’s brand to the public and customers. High-quality video production allows a business to engage with customers while building brand recognition. 

Whether you’re looking for a commercial, promotional video, event video coverage or social media video content, our VIMAR production team can provide customised video solutions that will help accelerate your brands growth. 

Contract VIMAR for a Free Consultation. Let’s use the power of video marketing to transform your business and increase your brands awareness today!