When it comes to marketing your event, VIMAR Digital Marketing maximises every opportunity to promote the unique nature of your brand and event. We have multiple years of experience promoting successful events throughout Ireland.

We’ve successfully marketed events across multiple different sectors, ranging from theatre/drama to technology and engineering events. No matter what your specific objectives and goals may be, our digital marketing agency will take care of the marketing process to ensure your event enjoys optimal success.

Our team of marketing and graphic design experts can develop and design your digital marketing strategy to ensure your event gets the attention it deserves. Let’s take a closer look at some of the digital channels VIMAR can create to help promote your event.

If you’re looking to create physical brochures, leaflets, pull up banners, goody bags, guides, invitations, merchandise, table plans or anything else – our agency can help you design and source the best printing services around.

In this article, we will explore some of the most fundamental aspects of marketing events in today’s world.

Event marketing is a type of marketing that involves promoting events. Event marketing helps build more profound relationships with the general public and helps to educate them about your upcoming event.

In the context of B2B, event marketing can be a great way for businesses to promote their brand, promote awareness about an upcoming product and an opportunity to boost customer loyalty.

However, not all events involve B2B affairs. Some events such as music festivals and drama festivals for example, involve very different marketing tactics.

Each event is different, they have different audiences, different content, and different cultures. Therefore, each event management deserves to be marketed in its own unique way.

VIMAR has a proven track record of promoting a variety of events. Our recently promoted events include:

Why is Event Marketing Important?

If you have prior event management experience, you’ll know first-hand that they unfortunately don’t sell themselves. In order to sell tickets, you need to be armed with an event marketing strategy that effectively promotes your event to your target audience. No matter how good you believe your event will be, if your target market aren’t aware of it, they won’t show up.

So how does one go about creating an the best event marketing plan? In this guide, we will be exploring the different types of event marketing strategies that you should use to successfully market your event. Consider this guide the foundation of your event marketing playbook.

Create a Website

We know first-hand the positive impact a website can have when it comes to event management. A website allows organic and paid traffic from search engines such as Google to find your event and subsequently promote it to the public.

Additionally, traffic from all your social media platforms can be directed to your website for more detailed information. Your website should include information such as the dates, times and location of your event. Your website should be considered your ‘digital home’. All digital channels should link to your website where users can read more about your events.

What are our Website Creation Recommendations

We recommend adding a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to your website. An FAQ allows the public and your audience to find the answers to questions they might have without the need of contacting you directly.

We highly recommend event organisers to build a website. Check out Website Design and Development at VIMAR.

A good-quality, professional website with adequate SEO support will help promote your event and brand, even as you sleep!

Social Media

Creating your event social media profiles and promoting them as soon as possible is one of the best event marketing strategies out there. Use social media, especially it’s organic algorithms to your advantage. Try to create hype around your events and use the momentum to gather more attention.

How can Social Media help you?

Social media can help you build a community and spread the word about your upcoming events. It’s a good idea to create an event hashtag to help you engage with your community in the run-up to, during, and after your event. Event branding can also make a memorable impression across social media.

The best event management company knows to not just choose one Social Media platform, brand out and pick multiple platforms. Make sure you choose the correct platforms for your target audience. Let’s say your event is aimed at working professionals, then it would be wise to promote your event on LinkedIn. Perhaps your event is targeted at writers and art students? Then Twitter would be your ideal platform.

Check out Social Media Management at VIMAR.

Pro Tip: Encourage engagement on your Online profiles. You want to generate as many likes, comments and shares as you possibly can. The more engagement your posts get, the more likely the social media algorithms will promote your post to more users. Perhaps an event announcement giveaway for one lucky winner who shares your post will help generate more traffic.

Partner Outreach/Sponsorships

Event marketing partnerships and sponsorships can be crucial to your event’s success, so you need to start reaching out to potential collaborators, complementary brands, and entertainment partners early. Aim to do this before your event has officially been announced. This way, they can help you spread the word from the very beginning.

Paid Promotion

One great way to promote your event is to start paid promotional campaigns online. You can use Social Media advertising or Google Ads. You can even use both if you wish.

The great thing about online advertising is that you can target your target audience. You can choose what age group and geographic region you want to promote in. Unlike SEO, where you have to wait a few months before seeing the benefits, paid online advertising will deliver results instantly.

Check out Online Advertising at VIMAR.

Event Press Release

Gaining press coverage can help to amplify your event beyond your own network and increase ticket sales. It will also assist to build your brand awareness, increase links to your website, and potentially boost traffic for future events.

What we Recommend for Press Release

Once your press release is created and you’re satisfied with the result, share it with local media publications. We recommend sending your press release to both physical and digital publications such as newspapers, radio stations and online blogs.

Add an introduction line. Personalise the introduction for every recipient and their publication. This will make them more likely to scroll down and read your press release before assuming the email is just spam.

The majority of media publications will probably charge for publishing a piece on your event. This is something you should consider. Press Releases in local publications with a large audience will greatly help your event become known.


This is arguably one of the most important tips we can share. Are you unsure what branding actually means? Branding is one of those marketing concepts that is a bit vague and can quickly become confusing, even for people who have studied marketing.

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

Brand Development for your Brand

Developing a strong brand for your event can help build credibility, loyalty, recognition and support. It helps attendees buy-into your brand promise and allows them to feel they are making a statement about themselves by their very participation.

When an event is branded well, it takes on a life of its own whilst maintaining the essence or brand values of the organisation behind it.

Creating a brand deserves a whole publication, never mind it’s own blog post. If you want to get started with creating a brand (which you definitely should do!) you should invest in professional graphic design work and get your event logo and colours.

VIMAR Digital Marketing Event Portfolio

VIMAR Digital Marketing is a proffesional marketing agency based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois. Our team of dedicated, creative and talented professionals are excited to work with you. We build business relationships that generate results.

Who are we? and What can we do for you?

We are a creative company with true passion and experience to help you grow and succeed. All our efforts are focused on increasing our customers’ sales and promoting their brand. We do it by improving website design and search engine visibility, generating interest on social media and implementing cutting edge marketing strategies.

If you’re planning an event and need help with marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look at our event management portfolio below. 👇

Laois Jobs Fair

Our team has worked closely with the Laois Chamber of Commerce to develop this event and promote it over several years. We worked closely with the Chamber CEO in 2019 to develop the brand and original marketing propositions for the event.

Our marketing management service included marketing strategy, branding, website management, advertising campaigns, social marketing, event photography, video coverage, road signage, event signage, posters, marketing content. We worked closely with a PR agent to get national and local coverage on Radio and Printed Marketing.

You can view LaoisJobsFair website here.

Event Management Laois Jobs Fair

Dublin Maker Festival 2022

Our role was to support the event management planning team with marketing expertise and management of campaigns on their behalf. We engaged with representatives from Dublin City Council, UCD and various news and media outlets throughout the campaign.

The deliverables for the event were bespoke graphics, press releases, video reels, social advertising, Google Advertising, event marketing and video advertising to increase engagement with exhibitors and interviews of attendees.

Event Management Dublin Maker Festival 2022

Shine 2022

Our team were responsible for the event branding, website development (payment facilities), content development, printed material design and facilitation, social media marketing, email management and the event management coverage on social media and promotional video coverage.

We also work with PR and advertising agents to ensure that advertising placement was consistent with the overall campaign strategy. As a complete marketing management service, our team worked closely with any additional contractors needed to make sure the event was successful.

Event Management Shine 2022

Laois Business Awards 2022

Event Management Laois Business Awards 2022

Mountmellick Drama Festifal

Event Management Mountmellick Drama Festival

RoboRiots Live Show

Event Management RoboRiots LiveShow

Leaves Festival of Writing & Music

Event Management Leaves Festival of Writing & Music

Event Marketing Services At VIMAR

VIMAR is the best event management company and will provide a full circle digital marketing package and can meet all your Event Marketing needs.

Outsourced Event Marketing is becoming increasingly popular for organisations when planning marketing campaigns for upcoming events. Outsourced Event Marketing allows a organisation to spend their time on event management logistics and planning while a team of proffesional marketers work on the events promotion.

If you’re looking for an event management company for your upcoming event, then contact VIMAR for a free consultation. Let’s use the power of digital marketing to promote your event and increase your brands awareness today!