Traditional media for business has changed a lot over the years. We have seen the decline of print, radio, television and other forms of advertising in the place of digital marketing, especially on social media sites and apps.

With so many options it can be difficult to choose what platform to focus on. Many businesses wear themselves thin by spreading their message across too many platforms and they get lost in the crowd.

Thus, those who are not in to know may focus their efforts too much on platforms in which they get nothing in return.

At VIMAR[1], we know that certain platforms are geared towards and are better for certain industries.

So, what platforms suit your business? 

Well, let us look at some stats and examine what platforms best suit your goals.

Social media stats:

There were 3.79 million social media users in Ireland in January 2021.

75% of Ireland population access social media as of January 2021


Facebook’s marketing platform and a large share of the population means it is the leader for many industries. With most users being over the age of 25, many users have more disposable incomes. Its targeted marketing is ideal for fashion, entertainment and health.

VIMAR can assist you in setting up pages, groups, advertising campaigns and much more.


Often overlooked as a social media platform, LinkedIn is for the professionals among you. Great for education, talks and conventions, you can draw in a professional crowd with the right messaging and adverting across this platform.

LinkedIn can be a much trickier nut to crack, due to its design, use and layout. At VIMAR we love to challenge ourselves and we are also happy to plan companions across the platforms that work.


With its aesthetic side and visual platform, Instagram is recognised for fashion, lifestyle and fitness brands the world over. A well-crafted page with targeted advertising and promotion can do wonders for many businesses. Not just fashion.

At VIMAR we have an eye for capturing the right images for your promotions. Get in touch with us to do so we can start to work magic on your Instagram profile.


A mix between social media and search engines, Pinterest continues to grow in popularity in Ireland. Like Instagram, Pinterest relies heavily on imagery, though well-crafted messaging and targeted pinning and advertising can draw customers from around the world. Fashion, arts and crafts and education do incredibly well on this platform as it is used primarily by women aged under-45. 

If this is your target market, then Pinterest is somewhere you should have a presence right away.


The new kid on the block cannot be overlooked for its power and use in shaping messaging and advertising around the world. The short videos are great for local promotions and to get your brand out and into the open.

Fun, short and trending videos are what works on this platform and if you can do it right the reach can be unbelievable.

With many tried and tested methods, Tik-Tok is ideal for almost every business once you get the right messaging and style into your videos.

Which to choose:

Choosing the right platform can take some testing and trial and error. But almost all the popular social media platforms can aid your business.

Get in touch with VIMAR[2] today and we can discuss the messaging and advertising that you are trying to do, and we can find the right path for you.