A Closer Look At Castleview Open Farm

In January 2021, VIMAR Digital Marketing announced that we were holding a Facebook Giveaway Competition worth €1000. Businesses from all over Ireland would have the chance to win €1,000 credit towards Digital Marketing services provided by us at Vimar. Additionally, to the grand prize of €1,000 on Digital Marketing services, we also gave social media users the chance to win €50 Laois Gift Cards.

VIMAR Facebok Competition

Later that month, we hosted a live video on Facebook where we spun a wheel to see who would be the lucky winner. Castleview Open Farm based in Cullohill, County Laois came out the winners. We contacted Castleview Open Farm and immediately began discussing their business with them. We learned more in-depth about their business objectives and we informed them of the many ways Digital Marketing could help them grow and prosper. With the world constantly innovating, businesses that fail to adapt to the Digital Era are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. Castleview Open Farm knew that in order to set themselves up for success in the long run, they must adapt to the current reality of business today.

After a detailed and productive conversation with Castleview Open Farm, we began the production of a brand new website [1] from scratch. This involved both research, planning, content creation and graphic design. We also re-branded Castleview Open Farm through the creation of an updated logo and graphics. Our primary aim for the website was to create an aesthetically pleasing website suitable for their target audience while also remaining functional and simple to use. We know the importance of pictures and how they can affect customer awareness of a brand. Knowing this, we added photo galleries to showcase some of the great facilities Castleview Open Farm has to offer.

On the back end, or technical end where the website user cannot see. Our website development team worked hard on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of a website because it allows it to be easily found when searching on search engines, such as Google.

We also added an e-Commerce feature to the new website. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, online commerce has increased dramatically. As a result, many small businesses are coming to the abrupt reality of the importance of e-Commerce.

Castleview Open Farm

Castleview Open Farm launched its website in late September and it’s already having a positive impact. Lots of visitors from all over Ireland have visited the website. Many bookings are also currently taking place through the website for their upcoming Halloween events.

Castleview Open Farm now has a digital home through its website. This allows them to stand out and be easily found by new and existing visitors online. Having a digital presence online in today’s day and age is not only an advantage, but it’s also absolutely necessary for any business. We have lots of great ideas to help this business going forward with its marketing.

The team at VIMAR are glad to receive positive feedback from all our clients. Knowing that our work day in and day out has significant benefits for our clients makes us proud. If you would like to arrange a free consultation, or perhaps you just want to ask us something, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].