What is SEO, and how does it work? 

Do you know what SEO is all about? Is your business utilizing it for online marketing growth?  Have a quick read to understand some of the key points to familiarize yourself with its importance. As a professional digital marketing team, we want to introduce you the concept in a basic way.

What is SEO?

Well, SEO is an important process that aims to improve the visibility of a blog or entire website in various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.  This process is utilized organically, without paying for ads only access to a leading position in the results of the search engine, according to certain search criteria.

It is an abbreviation of the term search engine optimisation (SEO).

This positioning of the website is achieved naturally, by performing optimisation tasks on your websites. In order to increase traffic and appear in the top positions of search engines on a web page, it is desirable to apply optimization tasks.

The task of optimisation includes creating a specific structure and relevant content of the website, it also includes various link building techniques. The process of link building of a website to assist the ranking of your website in the top positions by creating relevance and authority for your site.

It becomes really difficult for you to rank your site in the top pages when your site keywords competition is high. Then it becomes difficult and takes the time to give you desired results. But if you choose the natural way of ranking your site in the search engine then you get long term results, regardless of the fact that it takes more initial time.

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We discussed what is SEO? Now let us discuss the types of SEO you may need.

Types of SEO techniques:

You can differentiate the SEO techniques in two traditional categories that are mentioned below.

What is White Hat SEO?
It is the natural and foolproof method of utilizing SEO techniques [1] and SEO Tools to improve the rankings of your website. All the SEO work is done according to Google’s naturally described guidelines, hence, it helps you escape from being penalized and spammed.

The wholesomeness level of this technique is very high.

The Whole White Hat SEO technique includes developing high-quality content, HTML optimisation and restructuring of the website, link acquisition (the process of getting something) campaigns that are supported by high-quality content and some manual research.

The results of this technique are steady and gradual which aide long-lasting results. Thus, when you are in the top searches of the search engine, then you tend not to down suddenly.

What is Black Hat SEO?
In short, it is the wrong method of obtaining top ranks in the search engines. It is done by exploiting (to use something for advantage) the weaknesses of the search engine algorithms. This method in direct conflicts (an active disagreement between people with opposing opinions or principles) with the search engine guidelines. Its wholesomeness is not of any worth because this technique can lead you to spam your website on the arrival of Google updates.

This technique includes link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc. That results in penalizing and spamming your website by Google after some time.

This is a method of getting quick results, it gives you rapid results and indexes your website in the top pages of search engine. But it is for the short time span, your website has no guarantee of being in the top searches for the long time period.

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Some (SEO tips) activities to improve your search engine rankings naturally:

Related Website:

Do best On-Page SEO for web optimisation. Get other subject related websites linked to your website. It is, therefore, interesting to search for those terms that you think should drive traffic to your site, and study which of them have complementary content. For example, if you really like to get a positioned for the term “best SEO Services“, then it is definitely important to try and get reciprocal links to SEO Services in other sites.

Sign up Directories:

Sign up on important directories specific to your industry.  Many of the directories have lost much weight in the search engines, but remain a good starting point for your website to get first tracking links to search engines. Both require a human filter for inclusion (Inclusion is the act of making a person or thing part of a group or collection) which ensures the quality of the added web link, but also slow down and hinders (to limit the ability of someone to do something, or to limit the development of something) their inclusion.

Forum Participation:

Register and participate in forums, preferably in those that are related to your website activity. The frequent participation must be accompanied by real and valuable information, to order to be taken into account as a qualified user, which gives your website better rankings due to increased authority.

Write Articles:

Write SEO-Friendly articles on because they are a powerful method of improving the ranking and attract visitors. If you can write a few articles on the usefulness of the products on your website.

Social Networks:

Right now there are hundreds of social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, to participate and get visits from our new “friends.” For Google, Twitter and Facebook are social networks that have more relevance for positioning. You can use them to increase your search engine optimisation standings.

Quality Content:

Create quality content with texts containing high keyword density with web users seeking potential customers or best SEO services or products from the site.

Website Design:

Perform the structuring and designing of a website with SEO in mind, it means paying attention to functional, easy to access website features that capture the user’s attention. Create a clean web design [2] and advertising so it delivers relevant content which speaks specifically for the website.

Sitemap of Website:

Create a sitemap that internally links the pages of the website. A “sitemap” is the little and understandable code which enables the seeker and Google to step through the various sections of the site orderly, improving its visibility.

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