Our informal News Blog – Trying to keep focused in a busy period…

As we approach the end of another important week for The VIMAR Team, we just thought we’d update you all on some of our startup progress.

After nearly 6 months of preparation, it’s still only the beginning of our journey as VIMAR… We are officially open for business!

We had an eventful time getting everything planned and ready for our official launch on the 28th of May. Check out some of the pictures on our FB Page.  It was fantastic to have our new office finished and ready for business.

We are so happy to have most of our external signage installed.  You should be able to find us now, with directional signage from Lower Main Street, on our doors and above The Thrift Store on Pepper’s Lane.  Signs were printed locally and designed in-house by our Art Director.  If you ever have any difficulty finding us, give us a call or find us on Maps.

The ‘Grand Opening’ was fantastic.  It was a pleasure to have so many people come and celebrate the occasion with us. A Big Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. The office was looking great with all the decorations and the big spread of celebratory refreshments.  It was great that many of our local business owners dropped in to say hello and hear what VIMAR Digital Marketing is all about. Thank you to our loyal client David Walsh for officially cutting the ribbon, and thank you to our Pastor Noel Cammack for Blessing our New Business Venture on this special occasion.

Once the celebrations were concluded, the team could finally get focused on building the VIMAR Digital Marketing business and client base.  We’ve been active about approaching local businesses and starting a conversation about their digital marketing requirements. Getting meetings and understanding how we can help other businesses improve, is our priority right now.

Our website is still constantly evolving, with new features and pages developed regularly.  We are already getting inquiries through our website online forms.  We are also developing our social media platform strategies.  Please give us a like, and share some of our posts with friends…

So thanks again for taking the time to check in on our ‘News’.

Get in contact and let us know how we can help your business.