DNG Kelly

Our team were given the task of setting up an online presence for DNG Kelly based in Laois. As a local representative for a national real estate chain, we needed to create a localised version that would suit their needs while maintaining the brand identity of DNG. We were also tasked with making sure that the website had bespoke capabilities that ensured management of the site was easy. We undertook a plan to integrate the companies listings with their DAFT profile in order to automatically pull any listings they have on daft without the need to double the workload of uploading on their own website also.

About the client

DNG Kelly is Laois’s Premier Estate Agency with two locations in Portlaoise and Portarlington.

Managed by expert Paul Kelly, the sales agents have extensive local knowledge of the property market and can give you the best advice for achieving a sale. As members of the nationwide DNG Group they have access to ‘DNG Live’ – Ireland’s leading digital technology for Selling Property.

This strategy includes DNG 3D Virtual Tours, DNG Plus, DNG Virtual Valuations, DNG Live Chat, DNG Online Auctions.

Our Work


A fully bespoke design and layout was carried out by our team. We worked extensively with the DAFT API to allow the website to pull all the property listing details directly. This ensured that our custom search queries pulled accurate data directly from daft and it would update itself at regular intervals. We also worked on the content for the site to promote DNG activities and features available on the national website. We created a payment function also that allows DNG Kelly to take deposits or once of payments directly through the website. We also worked on creating social graphics to promote the launch of the website.

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