Leaves Festival

The VIMAR Team were delighted to work with the Leaves Festival of Writing and Music on the promotion of their event for 2019.  Our team worked closely with festival organisers and event co-ordinators to deliver a comprehensive package of branding, graphic design and web development.  This gave the Festival a fresh image that enabled comprehensive marketing that was not possible on previous years.

About the client

The Leaves Festival of Writing and Music celebrates the diversity and richness in today’s literary, music, theatre and film scene.

Leaves Festival is a week long festival that takes place annualy across several venues in Laois.  A comprehensive list of highly acclaimed contributors from across Ireland aims to excite and engage audiences, both young and old. Speaking about the Leaves Festival Co-ordinator, Muireann Ní Chonaill said:

“The Leaves Festival is a great opportunity to hear from contemporary writers, enjoy the art of conversation, listen to musicians and appreciate film and theatre.”

Our Work


Our team worked on various elements for the Festival in 2019.  A comprehensive Branding development enabled a fresh look for the festival.  This custom branding brought a series of custom graphic images that inspired the digital and print advertising.  Development of print-ready road signage, posters and booklets allowed the branding to be unified.  Our team carried this through to a custom web design project.  Our team developed a new website for the event as this medium was missing from the Festival over its 10 year history.  This enabled festival-goers to read about the events and purchase tickets where required.  We aim to maintain and work with the event in subsequent years.

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