The holiday season has finally arrived, so people are anticipating what the new year will bring.

The best time for you to prioritize marketing efforts is now. Right now your potential customers will be more eager to do business with you out of the holiday spirit but are also more willing to look for alternative options. By making sure your tactics are sound during this crucial time, you can start off on a good note with high certainty and increase your chances at success in the future.

Over the next few weeks & months, you’ll see businesses change their marketing strategies. This is because they need to compensate for any missed growth opportunities that may have caused a loss of revenue.

VIMAR is ready to give you help with your marketing strategy so that you can reach the level of success that you deserve in 2023.

Some of the major holidays and events business should be looking forward to include:

  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • St. Stephens Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Spring Sales
  • Summer Sales
  • Back to School Sales


Most of your potential customers will be celebrating at least one of these holiday and shopping opportunities, and it’s important to capitalize on this.

During such times, people want to dress up nicely, give gifts, travel, and dine with their loved ones. These are all great opportunities for businesses to hop on and push more sales.

Why Should Your Marketing Strategies Target Holiday Seasons?

All year round, your marketing efforts go into promoting the products and services you offer. The holiday period is one of the most important of the year with huge marketing opportunities and potential for sales.

At VIMAR we work with our clients to develop and implement marketing strategies that ultimately drive more sales and increase brand awareness.

Now, we are going to show you some of the strategies and techniques that we will use to help your business.

How to Move Crowds with Your Holiday Marketing Strategies

Once we have figured out which holidays and opportunities interest your target market, it becomes easier to use that information and create great marketing plans. Especially around the holiday season, we want to target key dates, valuable products, service launches, and much more.

There is a huge array of methods that can be used to target the right customers. These may be marketing strategies or things you as a business can do yourself, so let’s have a look:

1. Creating Campaigns that Hit Critical Emotions

As humans, we’re significantly controlled by our emotions. A lot of our decisions are based upon our emotions. That is why excellent video campaigns and messaging around holiday periods help appeal to people’s emotions, take the Coca-Cola Christmas Advertisement, for example.

Around the holiday period, many people feel the need to give back, they want to celebrate and treat themselves. The right campaigns can emphasize this, making individuals’ decision making easier to predict and target.

2. Offering Sales and Discounts

Sales on some of your products and services is a great way to get your brand out there. Although not as large here, Black Friday continues to grow in Ireland, especially online purchases. If you have a new product or a great offer it’s important to get this in front of your customers.

Product reviews and testimonials are two great ways to show off what you have to offer and VIMAR can assist you in writing, editing and overall marketing strategies for these.

3. Building Publicity Using Giveaways and Competitions

Use gifts to sweeten any deal further. Customers can’t resist visiting your store if you’ve slashed prices and are also giving out gifts. What’s more, the gifts don’t have to be huge. Coupons and vouchers communicate that you’re also part of the celebrations.

Promotional games are another pocket-friendly way of keeping your customers entertained. This strategy will keep the customers excited all throughout the campaign and long after the holidays.

Many businesses also offer charity donations and create charity drives during the holiday period.

It does not have to be all self-serving of course and giving back to causes that you care about is great, even without the promotion.

4. Leveraging Your online presence

Having online channels is great, but if they are not utilized properly then they are simply costing you time and money. Online channels are the best way to promote your business, and simply get your name out there.

Strong ad networks, social media, and SEO can boost your business tremendously, especially with the end of year push. We understand that it is not always possible to do this in-house and that is why VIMAR is always here to help your business in any way possible.

Let your followers learn more about your brand in a fun way, such as memes and funny videos. To do so, ensure that the content you come up with is entertaining and doesn’t seem very promotional. This increases the chances of people sharing it with their followers.

5. Decorating the Premises

For a more hands-on approach, get in the festive mood by adding creative banners and stickers to your store or office’s walls, door, ceiling, and windows. Make these as fun, cute, and as attractive as possible.  You can do the same for your websites and social media platforms. Our website development skills mean we can give your online presence a seasonal makeover.

It doesn’t matter what holiday or period you are targeting once you have a great marketing strategy put in place. If you are dynamic and open to change at these crucial times, you can ensure your business’s name is the first on people’s minds.

The holiday period is a great time to connect with your audience further and find out what they like to see. Get in touch with VIMAR today and we can start developing your strategy to ensure you have a bumper end of the year and go into the new year stronger than ever.