Are you looking for some fresh marketing tips to help boost your business performance? Things change, especially marketing trends.  At VIMAR, our team is constantly looking for ways to boost our clients’ marketing performance. Here in our blog, we aim to give some quick tips and trend insights that you can implement immediately. These tips are general enough to suit most business types.  We have summarised 7 quick tips to get you started.

Try a new route for your marketing message

Identifying new and diverse channels may bring out opportunities for targeting your audience in a new way. Research what is getting traffic in regard to niche areas related to your business. There are plenty of great resources out there to help you identify keywords that are trending in your industry.  These channels typically have less competition and allow you to create marketing value to a direct customer base. Creating value on these channels will help generate positive brand recognition and will help improve your overall digital marketing performance. Start small and build. These channels pay off in the long run if managed over time. 

For example, if there is a new trend related to your business being highlighted on Pinterest or Reddit, you need to adopt a strategy that takes these platforms into account rather than just staying with Instagram.

Paying for Social ads still has a role to play

Although building an organic audience that can’t wait for your latest post, tweet or stories is what being social is all about, Social Media Platforms won’t make it that easy for your business. Algorithms are constantly adapting to ensure that paid ads play a key role in building an audience. Momentum for your social campaigns can be boosted with even a modest reliable budget for social. If you don’t see the results on Facebook, make sure your account is reviewed to ensure that you are regularly targeting the correct audience. Please don’t rely on simply boosting a post to your typical followers. Be strategic. It’s also worth looking into paid ads on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other more direct Social Platforms that may suit your brand directly.

Refresh with a renewed Energy and Focus

Digital marketing doesn’t always have to be groundbreakingly new and exciting. If you are running a small business, you know who your core audience is and the type of content they typically engage with. Simply review the core content that adds some refreshed up-to-date context. Add new data, new visuals but the core idea can be maintained if it has proven to work in the past. Try turning some older blog content into a series of short videos or simply breakdown reliable info into a series of social media posts.

Keep focused on marketing the key message. Brand identity needs to be reinforced over a consistent period to ensure that the core audience is aware of exactly what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Passion and energy within your business are often transferred very effectively by video or short social posts. 

Giving back to Core Customers

Every business should know who their most reliable clients are. At this time, it’s very important to give back when we can. Offer some form of incentive or reward scheme to the most loyal of fans. These core clients are often the ones who may share about your business and be responsible for promoting your brand. Spreading your brand message needs to be rewarded as these are the referrals your business needs. Putting money behind your customers in the form of rewards often pays more dividends than simply advertising directly to a new audience. Peer to Peer marketing is simply a great word of mouth response to your marketing activities.

Online needs to connect with Online

With many businesses improving their online infrastructure in a response to COVID-related trends, many businesses are not syncing what’s happening on the ground. If you have a physical store, online and offline should be recognisable as the same business. If you are running an offer in-store, customers online shouldn’t be left out of hearing of the great value you are offering. Many of your loyal customers may have transitioned to following your business online, the same personality and service need to be transferred. This is often hard to achieve but needs to be the aim for every business adopting a combination of approaches.  Making it easy for online visitors to engage with you personally is key. Ensuring that chat features are used during opening hours or quickly called back after every inquiry is a good start. 

Influencing the Market

We are all aware of the role that influencers play in marketing brands. Celebrities have been used to promote business for generations. In the world of social media, people turn to influencers for regular content that brings value to their day. Finding an influencer for your business shouldn’t be that difficult. Although they can be expensive, a good influencer-focused campaign can pay dividends in the long-term adoption of your brand. These are typically the most effective more new or novel product/service ideas. Influencers typically give their audience base incentives or special offers to support your business. Leverage these campaigns with PR and blogging links to capitalise on a comprehensive marketing campaign. Larger partnerships with bigger brands or associations are also an idea if you have the budget to support them.


Be Authentic with your Message

We all know when we are being targeted by sales focus content. We are less likely to read it unless we are ready to purchase. Authentic content is more likely to get the attention of a wider audience and generate an audience for your products or services. One of the best ways to generate authenticity with your marketing is by creating regular live content. This may include; Hosting a live podcast, Streaming Facebook/Instagram Live videos, etc.  Make sure you are prepared but don’t pay too much attention to the production qualities. Be honest with your potential clients and bring some form of value to them during the content. Responses are usually more positive and sales typically follow. 

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