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Should a Digital Marketing Agency start-up focus on building business locally?

Is focusing on generating local business the right strategy for a start-up Digital Marketing Agency? Being a digitally based business creates the possibility of being able to serve our clients from anywhere around the world.  There are many reasons for this Agency model to work in larger urban areas, but is it likely to succeed in a town situated in the Midlands of Ireland?  At VIMAR, we believe Laois is the perfect place to start a business…

As with every start-up, getting a core client base is increasingly important.  Will putting significant focus on local business generate enough revenue to sustain a complete team and achieve the growth we need to scale the business?   Although this may be up for some debate, our team decided to give it a go. We have a vision to bring creative and technical expertise to local businesses. At this stage, five quick months have passed since the official business launch at our office in the town of Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland.

Although we work with several larger businesses based in Dublin and Internationally, we are determined to bring our digital marketing skills to the Laois business community. Does this mean we need to lower our rates and spend more time building localised relationships? Is this a common issue with digital based brands? Identifying your potential client base is so important. There are clearly so many businesses in our area that would benefit from our services. At VIMAR Digital Marketing, our team are excited to tackle this challenge.

We drew up a localised strategy and invested significantly in Local Press and advertisements throughout the county.  Creating maximum awareness and expanding our Brand reach hasn’t been easy.  Even the inclusion of adverts in both Shopping Centres with our tagline of ‘Be VISIBLE, Be VIVID, Be with VIMAR’, was aimed at promoting our dedication at creating a ‘Local Digital Marketing Agency’.

Getting to know the business owners locally has been a pleasure.  As we aim to build on-going B2B relationships, being local allows for greater personal communication.  Mainly achieved through networking events, or simply through walk-ins to the office. Working with businesses owners who are reviewing or developing their marketing strategies gives us a great insight to local brands. We always aiM to give our best advice and offer a competitive service to consider.  Thankfully, Laois was ready to hear from a new Creative Agency. Getting a team who have expertise in a wide variety of areas while delivering value to customers was always the goal when setting up VIMAR.

Getting on the positive side of business owners is one thing, but delivering quality projects is what it’s all about. I thought it’d be a good time to reflect on some local campaigns we’ve worked on recently.


Laois Chamber of Commerce

We were delighted to be awarded the project of developing the Laois Chamber website. This project was extensive and involved significant design and back end integration development.  The Laois Chamber Launch itself sparked great enthusiasm among local business owners.  This event itself created great awareness of our services with many enquiries mentioning the quality of the booklet design and web designs.   We also produced a short event video to help capture the atmosphere of the room.

Graphic Design Ireland, Digital Marketing Agency Laois, Booklet Design

Downtown Portlaoise

Another fantastic project that VIMAR were involved in locally was capturing the amazing work achieved in the Electric Picnic decorations by all the members of Downtown Portlaoise.  Promoting the vibrancy of the town was the aim for this Social Media Videography campaign.  Special thanks to Ladonna MaCartan of Downtown Portlaoise for making this project happen.  Our Video Production Director Marek did a great job of capturing and editing the witty performance of local actors David Delaney and Jayne Louise Kelly. The video was well received with of thousands views across various platforms.  As current members of Downtown Portlaoise, we are excited to see the local community embrace shopping and doing business locally.

If you happened to have missed it, check out the short video below.

Leaves Festival

Another notable project was the design and development of the promotional content for the Leaves Festival of Writing and Music.  Our Art Director Joanna, did a fantastic job at creating a modern look and feel for this year’s festival.  You may have noticed the distinctive branding throughout the town or visited the newly built website  From booklet design to web developing our team enjoy the creative process of bringing a project to life.

Event Digital Marketing Leaves Festival Graphic Design

Your Local Digital Marketing Team

This dedication to local business is also the focus of many of our upcoming content production projects, still in the development stage.  We aim to put a spotlight on other great local businesses throughout our upcoming Interviews/Podcasts series. Keep an eye out for them on our social wall.

Our business model focuses on working with fellow businesses to generate more brand awareness and drive sales. We are delighted that many local businesses have decided to believe in VIMAR.  There are so many supports for business taking the step to building an e-commerce element to their business.  We have developed a complete approach to digital marketing that encapsulates all key services such as Branding, Web Design/Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising, Content Production and Social Media Marketing.

What’s your experiences of working with local business?  We would love to hear your comments…

If you have an interest in working with Your Local Digital Marketing Team, drop us a message, give us a call or feel free to drop in to the office.

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