Yes, we have to admit that the excitement in our team is reaching a peak — less than two weeks left to our official launch event. So much work accomplished already, yet a lot more things still to be done :-).

It has been six months of brand development and idea formation since our first meet up for coffee. It is fantastic, to see the seed of an idea implemented and developed in our minds, finally becoming a reality. It has been fantastic to take on this business adventure, as part of a great team.

Is it not true, that almost every great brand, company, invention or charity organisation, come to us in the form of a seed? So often we dream about an idea as large as an oak tree, and by the oak tree I mean a successful company, great product, fulfilling career, yet all we get at the start is an acorn — a raw idea to start working on. Bringing that raw idea to water and putting the hard work in, generates results you can be proud of.

Most of us have a lot of ideas, plans, dreams. The problem is how to put them into reality, how not only to dream but act?  The process of a start-up takes energy and determination.  ‘Just do it’ says the popular Nike slogan, and we did it.

VIMAR Digital Marketing is coming to help people like you, entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, college students with dreams in the form of a seed, sole-traders with ambitions to not stay where they are right now, but to move further and soar higher.

We are a digital company, a team of enthusiastic professionals, with real passion and experience to help local businesses to grow. Our full range of services includes Web and Graphic Design [1], Search Engine Optimisation [2], Social Media Management [3], Content Production [4], Video Production, and Online Advertising.

If you want to get to know us, have a chat, get some more information about what we do or hang out with a cup of tea and a cake, come to our Grand Opening, on the 28th of May at 4 pm. Our new office space is located among all our local business neighbours here in the town centre, at 6 Pepper’s Lane, Portlaoise.

Check in on our FB event page to show your interest…