Top Tips to Maximise your Sales Online

If you’re in business and want to expand your brand sales through online platforms, check these tips to ensure you’re getting maximum return from your eCommerce site.  Here at VIMAR Digital Marketing, we provide businesses with an outsourced solution to expanding their business through digital platforms.  This short blog post will outline some key pointers to consider when aiming to get your digital sales structure on the right path.

Create a Product Page for each of your Brand Offerings

Although this seems obvious, getting the Product Page right is essential.  This page needs to have all the product specifications listed clearly.  A short description should be immediately visible with comprehensive specifications listed below.  Although you may choose to layout this page graphically specific to your overall brand guidelines,  many elements need to be included as standard.  Accurate product imagery is important, with various angles important.  Zooming features and 360-degree rotation are also beneficial. Sizing options or various colour options should all be easily altered on this specific page prior to adding to checkout basket.  Links to details such as returns policies and delivery information should be available at this stage.  Providing a comprehensive listing at this stage allows the customer to find all relevant data without moving away from your product page.  The ability to convert buyers at different stages of their decision making can improve your overall conversion rate.  Being well formatted for mobile is more important than ever with a majority of online shopping coming directly from mobile.

Customer Reviews are still hugely important.

Getting new visitors to your website to actually buy your products is always a challenge.  Fortunately, your brand can use existing customer as a marketing tool.  People trust the opinion of a stranger more than your excellent marketing descriptions.  This is hugely important in regard to showcasing the reliability and quality of your goods.  Its also an important factor for consumers to build trust in your customer service track record.  Adding a review section to your product page to ensures your transparency with your client base.  This typically takes the form of comment sections at the bottom of the product page.  Interacting with your customers on this page is hugely beneficial for building trust in your products and a fantastic way for problem resolution if it arises.  The most important thing to not forget, actually interact with a customer who takes the time to review your product.  Positive or Negative, your willingness to engage with your customer is a valuable tool to take advantage of.  Be transparent and available to communicate with your potential customers.

‘The Big Sale’

Quite often the most used tactic for generating more sales.  Providing an incentive for visitors to purchase the product now instead of later is crucial.  Reduction of price or supplementing your offering are customer favourites. Time-sensitive marketing ensures you manage this tactic effectively.  Depending on your strategy, you may want to provide incentives for newly launched goods or goods that are soon to be replaced by incoming stock.  Whatever your specific strategy may be, you need to digitally show your incentives on your landing page and the specific product page.  Added features to showcase the limited nature of the promotion work well to create urgency.  Promotions such as coupon codes can be sent to loyal customers to ensure customer retention and repeat purchases.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Customers often make the decision to add products to their checkout basket.  The actual number who follow through with the purchase is significantly less.  Visitors can often talk themselves out of purchasing your product if your checkout process is cumbersome.  Reducing the steps needed to confirm the purchase order is a major tool to consider.  Having website features to remember your returning client’s important details is a must.  Interactive forms to capture necessary info will help streamline the process.  Allowing guest visitor purchases is also important as many customers may wish to not start an account with your brand.  Funnel systems that make the purchase procedure hassle free are essential.  If you have directed your digital marketing to a specific product, linking directly to a purchase order of that product is a great way to converting a quick sale.  The web design [1] aspect of this process needs to be clean and promote a good user experience from your brand.

Getting your Product Page Search Engine Optimised (SEO) [2]

The fundamental way of increasing your product sales is to generate more traffic to your product page.  Optimising content for better search engine rankings will encourage more relevant traffic towards your products.  Although ranking factors can be diverse, there are some fundamental basics that should be optimised.  Adding specific product titles and descriptions are great ways for informing search engines bots about your product info.  Customising a URL specific to your product name and ensuring image alt texts are specific for keyword relevant terms will enable better results.  Valuable regular blog posts about your products are a great way to create search engine relevance.  This allows you to be creative with your brand products and further the possibility to create more sales.

Value your existing customers, through further incentives

We all know attracting new business is a major focus for every business, however generating repeat business is so vital when aiming to increase your overall sales through your website.  Existing customers know the quality of your goods and can need to be encouraged to use purchase further products.  Promoting supplemental products or new versions of your products will hugely increase your overall sales.  Communication through direct email or newsletters allows you keep your customers up to date with your offering.  Promoting special offers through promo codes for repeat business is a valuable tool.  This will help your overall brand identity and may promote customer retention and client testimonies.

Creating ‘Awareness’ of your product offering

Getting more sales has traditionally been focused on pushing your products out to market.  There is still a valuable lesson to be learned here.  Getting people to know about your product isn’t always easy.  Aim to cause a flow of customers through a strategically focused promotion campaign.  Depending on your product, different promotional avenues may be more appropriate.  In general, aim to cause a stir through social media platforms. SMM is a necessity for every online focused brand.  Short promotional video clips to peak interest in your product is vital.  Using advertising platforms such as sponsored ads is costly but if optimised correctly can bring great traffic.  A sense of urgency around the purchase is important for lower priced items, however this may reduce your credibility for larger big-ticket items that require substantial buyer decision making.  Limited time only and low available stocks may create a substantial marketing push for your products.  So be active about getting in the mind of your customers.  Brand recognition is an essential element that is often looked over when examining the benefits of advertising online.  Brand trust enables a long term growth for your online sales.

If you need a digital marketing strategy for your business or looking to outsource all your digital marketing needs, contact the VIMAR Digital Marketing team.  We are based in Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland but can work with both national and internationally based companies.

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