According to Enterprise Ireland[1], only 23% of small Irish businesses are engaged in any meaningful way with eCommerce. For businesses with less than 10 employees, this percentage is even lower. When it comes to online consumer spending in Ireland, over 70% of our transactions are imported from overseas markets. 

If you’re a small business owner in Ireland today without a website, eCommerce capabilities and professional Digital Marketing support, you’re putting yourself at a massive and unnecessary disadvantage. 

There is now an urgency to ensure that businesses in Ireland recognise that the digital economy is here to stay and it is only getting bigger every year. The Local Enterprise Offices[2] has launched the €2500 Trading Online Voucher[3] for small businesses.

What is the €2500 Trading Online Voucher? 

This voucher is a financial incentive for small businesses to develop or enhance their ability to trade online. Under the scheme, a qualifying business may apply for funding to a maximum value of €2,500. The Trading Online Voucher Scheme was launched by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment and the Local Enterprise Offices in order to make Irish businesses more competitive. 

Following approval of your application, a successful applicant can engage suppliers and upon completion of the work, submit a request for payment to the LEO in line with the terms and conditions of their voucher. 

Why eCommerce & Digital Marketing is Crucial

eCommerce grew worldwide by 29% in 2020. In Ireland this percentage was even higher, it increased by 36% in 2020. Online shopping is here to stay and it will only get more popular. You need to get your business trading online as soon as possible. 

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. 

It’s not enough to just have a website and social media accounts. The difference between having a good quality website[4], professionally run social media accounts[5] and consistent SEO[6] work is enormous when compared to those who just have a website and one social media page. Digital marketing helps you reach a larger audience and ultimately, increase sales and brand awareness. It allows you to target the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service. Additionally, it’s often more cost-effective than traditional advertising. It enables you to measure success on a daily basis and pivot as you see fit.

VIMAR Digital Marketing

VIMAR Digital Marketing is a professional Digital Marketing agency based in Portlaoise, County Laois. We have helped develop small businesses digital capabilities around Ireland. We have directly improved their business through multiple digital marketing services. We provide multiple different high-quality services such as;

  • Web Development[7]
  • SEO[8]
  • Content Marketing[9]
  • Photography / Videography[10
  • Social Media Advertisement[11]
  • Paid Online Advertisement[12]
  • Digital Strategy
  • Graphic Design 

Digital marketing is crucial for businesses today, especially in a modern, global economy such as Ireland. Any business that meets the Trading Online Voucher Scheme eligibility requirements can apply for a €2500 voucher to use with VIMAR Digital Marketing. 

If you want to level up your business and increase your sales online, then contact us for a free consultation today. We help businesses reach their true potential. 

Eligibility Criteria

The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:

  • Limited or no e-commerce presence; 
  • 10 or less employees; 
  • Turnover less than €2m; 
  • Applicant business must be trading for at least 6 months; 
  • Business must be located in the area covered by the LEO to whom they make their application i.e. LEOs cannot accept applications from businesses located outside their jurisdiction.

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme can be directly used with VIMAR Digital Marketing to help improve your business online.

For more information regarding the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, visit the Local Enterprise Office website[13] or click me[14] to view the Trading Online Voucher PDF infographic.