With such an increase in online business, it can be hard to get your voice heard sometimes. Having a dedicated Dublin marketing agency on your side is one of the best ways to ensure you have a fighting chance. Vimar is a committed Dublin marketing agency with a wealth of experience in Web design, SEO, social media and content creation and we do not stop there.

Perhaps you’ve tried doing it all yourself and spent countless hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, many of our clients have. Every interaction counts and hiring a team of experts to help you distinguish your brand from the competition can have your business blossoming in no time. 

With the right marketing strategies and advertising tools, our Dublin marketing agency will provide your company with growth and success. 

Convincing content and digital marketing can help get your name noticed whether you’re a small brand or a successful startup. 

Building a personal brand identity is an integral part of growing your sales and assuring future growth. Our Dublin marketing agency will come up with a game-plan tailored to suit the needs of your business. 

Content Creation

Content creation is an essential service that brings results long after it’s published. Engaging content will draw the right audiences who are interested in your products and services. Genuine, researched and well-written content is the best strategy to get noticed within search results. 

Ads can only get you so-far – many people now simply install an ad-blocker. Well-written content that audiences find helpful and engaging is the way to go. 

Our Dublin marketing agency can provide you with well-written content, including blog posts, social media services [1], SEO [2] backed articles, newsletters that sell, and advertising copies to help you grow. 

Creative Digital Media

Increase your brand’s presence even further by implementing the right digital media strategies. Audiences enjoy content that’s easy to consume, such as video, audio, and visuals. VIMAR can create Dublin based video production [3] and photography that will appeal to audiences around Ireland.

The websites we create are engaging and interactive. We create responsive campaigns your customers will genuinely love.

SEO For Your Business

Google has rigorous checks to filter out irrelevant content and showing up on the first page of searches is so important. Paying for an ad is a quick fix, but the right search engine optimization strategies will bring continuous results. Our team of experts will do just that and connect you to those in need of your services. 

Local SEO, that which targets customers where you are is one of our strong suits. Dublin SEO [4] is vital to attract customers who can readily use your services and products.

Social Media 

Sociall media marketing, when done correctly, is an incredible way to become noticed online and grow your business. Dublin is home to many of the world’s social media giants and using the right methods can get you noticed on them. We target the social media channels that suit your business goals.

With billions daily using the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, having creative social media is incredibly important. We drive traffic to your website, develop trust amongst customers, and convert one-time customers into loyal clientele. 

Ad Campaigns

Sit back and relax as our team of experts create the perfect marketing strategy for you. While our creative Dublin team is always focused on creating organic methods of traffic, paid search advertising is always a great addition. Carefully managing your online campaigns, our team is always devoted to making the most of your advertising budget to provide your campaigns with the attention they deserve.  

VIMAR is continually growing as one of Ireland’s leading marketing agencies and we are proud to serve our clients in Dublin and throughout Ireland.